Thanks to the insidious evil of Farcebook the inanity of your life may continue long after your expiration date.

The number of Facebook profiles of people who have died may exceed the number of living profiles in just 50 years, according to a new study. As such, the social network could become the keeper of a significant part of humanity’s memory.

The dead will one day take over Facebook. In 50 years, if not sooner, there will likely be more profiles of deceased people than of living users on the social network, according to a study published online by the Oxford Internet Institute (OII) on April 27.

I never really understood the business model behind social media. Exactly what products and services do they market for dead people? Or, are the dead the products?

Most people are stupid; they won’t delete their accounts before time deletes the account holders. Barring a dark age, the cessation of electricity, and a reset, future archeologists and anthropologists will use FB as a research tool: “Boy, howdy. These folks were dumb.”