A week after the Easter massacre, terrorists detonate more explosives as the police net tightens around them.

Fifteen people including six children were killed in Sri Lanka on Friday when suspected Islamist militants blew themselves up in a raid, police said.

The raid occurred in Sainthamaruthu, near the hometown of the suspected ringleader of the Easter Sunday attacks that killed at least 250 people.

Gunmen opened fire as troops attempted to raid a house, police said.

Three men set off explosives, they added, killing the children and three women. Three others died in gunfire.

One civilian was caught in the crossfire and died, according to police, while a wounded woman and child were taken to hospital.

Footage shown on state television showed charred bodies inside the house, one cradling a rifle. Explosives, a generator, a drone, and batteries were also visible.

Security forces have carried out raids across the country since the attacks, but officials say there are dozens of IS sympathisers still at large in the country.

Given the oft-touted (or maligned) 10% and/or 1% figures floating around, it’s likely many more than “dozens.” Probably the same in your country.