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The “intelligent” progressives are at it again, trying to persuade us of their inherent superiority through the typing of word salads and by living in cities filthy by third world standards. And, of course, they can’t stand Jesus and his Followers. Both of today’s examples regard this weekend’s Islamic terror bombings of Christians in Sri Lanka.

Carlos Slim’s blog – and I’m not making this up – ran the following today:

Screenshot 2019-04-23 at 4.43.33 PM

Forensics teams scour a bombed-out Catholic Church and the Times ponders “privilege” vs. persecution. That’s low even by their pitiful, post-literate standards. Something about “Judeo-Christianity” and Ben Shapiro and Western Civ has got to go. People pay for this drivel.

People don’t, that I know of, pay for Twitter. And, they get their money’s worth – like this outpouring of anti-Christian hate:

A British reality TV star sparked outrage by urging people not to send “prayers” to victims of the Sri Lanka terror attacks — instead attacking Christian missionaries in the devastated nation as “cult leaders.”

Andy West, who found fame in 2016 on the UK’s “Big Brother,” sent the controversial tweet about the suicide bombings that killed at least 321 and injured 500.

“There is no excuse for terror attacks against innocent people but as a journalist I saw Western Christian missionaries unscrupulpusly [sic] converting Buddhist orphans for food and shelter after the Asian tsunami. Don’t send your prayers,” he wrote.

I had a hunch so I checked. Sure enough, Mr. West is a sodomite. His bio on some kind of Wikipedia site dedicated to this Big Brother show I’ve never seen says two things. First, West was the LGBTQAWTFBBQXYZ+P&C character on an episode or two. Second: “He believes he is intelligent and he likes people to know that. He believes his opinions and views are correct and he likes to have them heard.” Yeah…

He may believe whatever he likes. However, based on what I’ve read from him (literally the above, only) and on reading his bio picture physiognomy, I’d say his weight and his IQ are roughly equal – maybe 110 soaking wet. But, hey, sometimes it takes a mental and physical lightweight to make a point. That, or a Times Op-Ed.

Point made, gents. Your opinions and views are incorrect but we hear you loud and clear.