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Is this guy:


…the Sri Lanka bombing mastermind? Or is he another Democratic Congressional candidate? So hard to tell these days.

Whatever he is, questioning or suggesting his involvement in the terror plot is Islamophobic. Really. A white guy (for once) shoots up a mosque (in an obvious false flag op) and all whites are alt-right, hate-filled, violent, right-wing, supremacists, bigots, racists, etc., etc., and they all need to be silenced and disarmed.

Heretofore, whenever Muslims shoot, bomb, air crash, cage burn, behead, drown, roof toss, run over, hack, stab, or acid Christians or other innocents (again and again and again), then we cannot possibly hold the majority of Muslims accountable. Got that? Now get the new version – now you can’t even hold the literal individual terrorists responsible. The new double standard of the non-standard world.

Or Ilhan-ish (D-Sri Lanka). I’m still confused.