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The Boy Boy & Girl Boy & Girl & God Only Knows What Else Scouts of AmeriKa is rife with pedophilic sexual abuse. “Rife” may not be a strong enough advective:

The names of close to 200 Boy Scout leaders in New York and New Jersey accused of sexually abusing kids will be released Tuesday.

The leaders worked in both states and were named in the Boy Scouts of America’s “perversion files,” according to a pair of law firms representing victims.

At afternoon press conferences in Midtown and Newark, lawyers from the firms of Greg Gianforcaro and Jeff Anderson & Associates plan to release “shocking testimony” and demand that the Boy Scouts of America release the identities, background information and files on all BSA perpetrators in New Jersey who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.

The law firms allege that there are more than 7,000 child sex abusers in the Boy Scouts.

The Boy Scouts of America responded to the claims in a statement, saying they “care deeply about all victims of child sex abuse and sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting,” NJ.com reported.

Based on all the recent changes – Thanks, Rex Tillerson! – 7,000 might be a little light. But it makes sense in a perverse way. If you kick God out while inviting in every manner of change and degeneracy in, then this is what you get. I stand by my prediction of two years ago – by 2027 there won’t be a boy left in the “Boy” Scouts. At least, no unmolested, straight, Christian boy.

Et mortuus est.