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I have little doubt that the underlying premise of this article is correct: Generation Z is going to smoke a lot of dope.

America’s Generation Z is coming of age in a whole new world of weed.

This large cohort, which already has big-time spending power as the oldest age into high school and college, is formulating its consumption habits at a time when marijuana muscles into the mainstream. Unlike their Gen X or Boomer parents, Gen Z shoppers have only known a time where cannabis is edging toward acceptance, with California voting to legalize medical use in 1996—a year before even the oldest Gen Z consumers were born.

“They’re growing up in a world where cannabis is completely normal,” said Anna Duckworth, co-founder and chief content officer of Miss Grass, an online cannabis accessories shop and publication based in Los Angeles. “Everybody will know how to roll a joint and there won’t be any shame talking about it.”

It’s things like those steady paychecks (enjoy them, now), the laziness of the stoners (real), and the psychotic-inducement of ultra-high cannabis (real) that give pause for concern.

Having seen maybe a little more of this cohort than I’d like, I’m beginning to have serious reservations about them as a group. Rather than being the class that returns to American roots, they may well be the most Amerikan generation ever. If that’s true, then maybe they should toke it up.