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If the following, about armed American soldiers, on American soil, surrendering to Mexican troops is true, then it takes the border “emergency” to a whole new level.

Armed Mexican troops disarmed two United States soldiers while they were on the American side of the border, U.S. defense officials have said.

U.S. Northern Command said in a statement that “five to six Mexican military personnel questioned two U.S. Army soldiers who were conducting border support operations” this month. The U.S. soldiers were in an unmarked Customs and Border Protection [CBP] vehicle near the southwest border near Clint, Texas.

Officials confirmed that the Mexican troops were armed with what seemed to be rifles. They raised their weapons when they saw the two U.S. soldiers, and then took a pistol from one and put it in the CBP vehicle. According to officials talking to CNN, the two Americans obliged “in an attempt to de-escalate a potential volatile situation.”

“Throughout the incident, the U.S. soldiers followed all established procedures and protocols,” the statement said. The two U.S. troops were on the south side of the security perimeter but north of the Rio Grande and thus were in the U.S., according side American territory, it added.

Pentagon and Department of Homeland Security officials demanded an explanation from the Mexican government. “An inquiry by CBP and DOD [Department of Defense] revealed that the Mexican military members believed that the US Army soldiers were south of the border,” the statement said.

“Though they were south of the border fence, U.S. soldiers remained in U.S. territory, north of the actual border.”

If true, then this shows 1) how serious and lost a cause the Southern border is, and; 2) that the US military simply isn’t functional, cannot perform its most important mission, and should be disbanded. As an aside, the Mexican army regularly makes incursions into the US, sometimes encountering US law enforcement, and always without consequence. Another aside, Washington’s military, whatever their involvement in the crisis so far, has also failed to stand up at all against the unarmed, unorganized, sauntering hordes.

The Army can’t deal with “five or six” regular troops from a foreign nation invading American sovereignty. The Marines cannot operate in cyberspace. The Navy can’t steer or operate their floating targets ships anymore. The Air Force is out of pilots. The war-gaming computer says China and/or Russia will “hand it” to America’s forces. The system would appear to be completely broken. That’s the alarm.

The hope comes from the fact that, in the highly unlikely (*wink*) event of civil malfeasance, at least we won’t have to worry about insurgency from the Pentagram. Just have five or six patriots tell them to place their weapons in their vehicles and de-escalate.