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It makes perfect sense that US banks are currently barred from hiring “small time” criminals. From the WSJ:

Small-Time Crimes a Dealbreaker for Banking Jobs

Banks want changes to law preventing them from hiring employees with certain criminal records

Over the past decade about 1,200 people with criminal records have asked the government to let them work at a bank—with more than 40% of requests rejected or unresolved. The banking industry wants to change that.

Under a 1950 law, banks are barred from hiring anyone convicted of a crime of dishonesty or breach of trust. The only way around the law is to get a waiver from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Since 2008 it has approved around 57% of requests made by individuals petitioning on their own or with bank sponsorship, according to agency data.

Banks say the restriction is too tight, keeping them from hiring a more diverse pool of candidates. The ban covers felonies such as financial fraud, but also misdemeanor offenses that result in no prison time, including minor shoplifting and drug-possession convictions. There is no broad statute of limitations, meaning offenses from early adulthood can stop a candidate decades later.

Everyone knows the banksters are BIG time criminals. At any rate, at this late hour, they might as well allow the little guys in too.