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Again, with the Vox Day business, here. Vox pointed out a disturbing (but fitting) trend in the new and worsening Amerika:

‘There are really two opposing schools, I guess you could say that there’s one that’s on the side of progressive ideology, whereas the other one is more in line with the way business was always run,’ Jeremy Zogby, a partner in Zogby Strategies, told DailyMail.com. ‘There is definitely a progressive slant in Millennials and Gen Z.’

Among all Americans, 47 percent prioritized diversity in workplace hiring, while 37 percent said merit should matter most.

Just as identity politics trump ideology politics, mediocrity trumps merit in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic society. Welcome to life as the Third World has always known it.

This, however, is a trend that you need not accept. Pursue excellence even as you embrace your identity.

It’s going to be a rough (possibly utility and food deprived) ride, folks. But, he’s right as usual – don’t be a part of the slide.