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Here, at last, is the great disappointment of the Democrats:


Read through ALL of that…

It was the 448-page version of what Barr released last month in his substantially shorter summary.

My summary (with future extrapolation):

  • Russians attempted interference in the US 2016 election (as the US attempts the same worldwide in numerous countries and their affairs)
  • There was no collusion between Trump and Russia
  • There probably was a collusion between Team Hillary and someone Russian
  • There was definitely collusion by and among the Deep State to rig the election and defeat (later, frame or bog down) Trump
  • There was no Obstruction of Justice by Trump
  • This whole case was BS from the start and now it’s over
  • The Deep State is desperate
  • They need not be … no sealed indictments, no GITMO, no treason trials
  • Little if anything will be accomplished for Americans – On with the More of the Same Show!
  • Trump will be reelected in 2020
  • More of the same … for maybe a decade or so longer. Then…

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