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An American Spring in the Air?

This very Wednesday, March the 20th, in A.R.S.H. 2019, at around 5:58 PM (EST), the Sun will traverse the celestial equator and we will cross the vernal equinox. In other words, Happy Spring 2019!

Springtime is the time of new life, renewal, and thawing. Flowers bloom. Temperatures rise. Old dust is swept away. Baseball players hit the field. Families hit the sunnier beaches. The Masters. Tax Day.
Picture from Free Images.
Eight years ago, word reached the eager ears of the West of an “Arab Spring.” Up rose an uprising in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria, and elsewhere in the Middle East. The Egyptian affair probably worked out best for the people. In Syria, well … yeah. Libya was more of a reverse robbery by the Bank of England and Goldman Sachs than a revolution. And, unless they’re filming a Star Wars movie, nobody really cares about Tunisia.
Still, this has me, as always, thinking about possibilities. Could we witness our own revolution and/or revival? Could there be a Western Spring, an American Spring? Are we in the early stages of one now?
As I alluded to last week, Americans are waning in America. Original intent Americans are somewhere around 10-15% of the population. Stand-in or make-do Americans are headed towards minority, great plurality status in a decade or two. Then what? Don’t worry too much about the particulars – we’ll soon enough find out what’s in store.
Let’s be honest, for Spring’s sake. The Old Republic died in 1861; an Empire was born. The United States Empire masqueraded well as the Federal Republic for a long time, even as the cracks formed and grew. The flag. English. Disneyland. Etc. But, all good (or not-so-good) things must come to an end. Already collapsing, the Empire enters its Winter. Then what? We’ll soon find out.
I really have no idea how it will all come to pass nor how it will all shake out. Knowing something of history and of human nature, I suspect a war is in order. My best guess would Balkanization along the model lines of Yugoslavia.
However – Rejoice! Rejoice! – however it happens, I also suspect that a remnant of the American People and the American Nation will survive. Thrive, even, we may. The where’s and the how’s I know more of than I’ll write today. Shunning divination, I can only speculate. And, I’m not overly concerned with how the governance works out. I do have my preferences but this isn’t about me.