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No “far right” white guy to blame this time. The shooting spree in Utrecht highlights what Sen. Anning said about the usual perpetrators. Their back. Sometimes DIEversity visits outside the schools!

And, the TURKISH suspect has been nabbed.

Police release photo of Gökmen Tanis, 37, captured on the tram’s CCTV just minutes before the shooting
Three people have died and five people are injured after the shooting in Utrecht, central Netherlands
Police said the gunman ‘who may have had a terrorist motive’, opened fire on a tram in the city centre
The assailant fled the scene but police have since arrested a suspect in the Oudernoord district of Utrecht
Tanis’ family members in Turkey say the person targeted on the tram was a relative of the 37-year-old
Dutch government raised the terrorism threat level to highest possible, and schools were on lockdown earlier
Incident took place just three days after a terror attack on two mosques in New Zealand where 50 were killed

I expect Brussels will immediately call for common sense Turk control. Hate has no place in Utrecht.