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“Diversity” along with inclusion, tolerance, and hatred of Western Civilization is the mantra of today’s “culture” and of the “schools.” It’s good, just read what they have to say over at Great Schools:

Ironically, while our schools are becoming more segregated, our society is becoming ever more diverse. Some 44 percent of American students today are nonwhite, and that number rises every year. To prepare kids to be global citizens, we need to expose them to more than the quadratic equation and the history of the 13 colonies. It’s essential for our kids to learn to get along with and understand people from all walks of life.

In fact, diversity in education has been shown to promote tolerance. One recent study found, for example, that college students in diverse settings exhibited less racial and ethnic prejudice than students who interacted mainly with those of similar backgrounds.

Learning empathy, flexibility, and how to work with people from different backgrounds and cultures will prepare kids to navigate an increasingly multicultural future.

Hell, why learn any math at all? And, who (outside of evil white racists) needs anything to do with those forgotten Colonies? Geez … English and all that…

But, don’t take my word for it. And, don’t even take that of the vested interests at Globo Ed, Inc. Here’s a real-world example of the excitement and excellence that is the mixing of divergent cultures in the academic setting, all the way from Sweden!

Swedish girls are being kept home from school after newly-arrived migrant students turned the environment into “anarchy,” according to independent journalist Joakim Lamotte.

Lamotte says he was contacted by multiple parents from Halmstad, Sweden, after their children were threatened, beaten, and called “whores” at a school where migrants are allegedly dealing drugs and carrying weapons.

“In recent days I have been contacted by parents of children at the Österledskolan outside Halmstad,” Lamotte reports. “They describe a school where insecurity escalated and many now choose therefore to keep their children at home because the school cannot guarantee the children’s safety. According to the parents, it is a group of new arrivals who harass their daughters.”

Lamotte quotes the testimonies of anonymous parents who say accusations of “racism” are flying freely, hindering free discussion about the issues at hand.

“Threats and violations occur daily at school,” said one parent. “Our daughter, who goes to eighth grade, has been exposed since the second week of the seventh grade. She has been called, for example, ‘whore’ and threatened several times that she should get beaten.”

“The police have been summoned many times. Last week, the police were in place on three occasions. An ambulance has also been called to the school during assaults.”

Parents say they believe management are not taking the problems seriously, instead attacking those who raise concerns about conditions at the school.

“Right now, it is anarchy at the school and they have lost control completely,” said another parent. “At the same time, school management wants to silence what is happening and blame the events on racism. Racism certainly occurs, but I and many others do not see it as the problem.”

“The reason for this is special treatment and that the newly arrived young people are not integrated. On Friday, two girls were hit and kicked by the new arrivals.”

Lamotte says the head of school has hung the phone up on him during multiple attempts to contact him.

Selling drugs! Threats! Calling your daughter a whore! Hitting! Kicking! No charges filed! Heck, no investigation! The admin hangs up on you! And, general violence and mayhem like something out of the third world! This is your child’s school on DIEversity. Use your empathy. Be flexible. Navigate the destruction.

All that or rebel.