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Pursuant to last week’s TPC column, I wrapped up At Our Wits’ End, Dutton and Woodley, Imprint Academic, Exeter, UK, 2018.

Dutton-Woodley (1)

It’s much worse than declining general intelligence and the end of the Flynn Effect – it’s the end of Western Civilization as we know it. Winter is already underway and there appears to be nothing to stop it.

This will likely feature in a future TPC bit – just submitted this week’s entry on drafting women into the Imperial military (another sign of advanced decay).

The book answers the following tabloid speculation: Scientists fear end to Mankind not ‘decades away’ but ‘much sooner’
OUR CIVILISATION is doing pretty well – but how long do we have left?

Advanced, intelligent society will survive somewhere. It just might not be in GB of the USE.

A sobering but a very good read.