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The weekly reason why no sane person should ever trust social media: Patients, health data experts accuse Facebook of exposing personal info:

A group of patients and health data experts is accusing Facebook of misleading users about how their personal health information can be manipulated and exposed without patients’ explicit permission.

In a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint released publicly on Tuesday, the group alleges that Facebook prompts its users to join online medical support groups under the guise that they are “private” – but does not make clear that users could expose their health data when they join those groups.

Of course, why would anyone ever give Facebook sensitive health information otherwise protected by privacy law? (Why give them anything?) And, why the shock and horror when the Gangsters do the predictable?

At any rate, in their FTC Complaint, the “victims” play with fine calculations:

Screenshot 2019-02-24 at 10.07.26 AM

Always remember: Facebook gonna Facebook.

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