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The Associated Press released their survey of the top news stories of 2018. These are items selected by editors around the country and not necessarily the favorites of the people. However, I suspect, given the monopoly press, that they are the stories most heavily sold (like any manufactured good) to the people. A look:

1. The Parkland Shooting – A tragedy but hardly the most important thing in the country. Another of a decreasing number of mass shootings, another failed attempt to ban guns, another exposure of government corruption.

2. Russia, Russia, Russia – Fake news personified. Too much to do about absolutely nothing. Worn, tired, and dying.

3. Pound Me Too – Beyond exposing that Hollywood is run by and for lowlifes, this only pacifies wimps and furthers male-bashing and anti-Americanism.

4. More “Mass” Shootings – More hype, fewer facts. We’re not giving up the guns, sorry.

5. The Elections – All problems are solved now! Spare me, please…

6. Immigration – This should have been the number one issue and it should have been titled, “The Ongoing Invasion.” This is the story that has most changed the character of the country (for the worse) and is only getting worse by the day. At this late point, The Wall would only be a start.

7. Brett and Beaker – The fakest of fake news for the dumbest of humans. Why hasn’t anyone been indicted yet?

8. CA Fires – A story to be sure. But a top ten?

9. “Climate Change” – Like gun grabbing, this attempt at mass market communism just isn’t gaining traction. Ice. Age. Comes.

10. Khashoggi Murder – I doubt one in fifty Americans even know this happened.

Stupid items, selected by stupid editors, in a fat and stupid country. How about these issues:

  • The Invasion
  • The murder of 700,000 children
  • The brewing depression
  • The coming wars
  • The existing and failed foreign adventures
  • The observably declining physical health
  • The falling IQs
  • The social morals on life support
  • The embracing of mental illness as “normal,” “better” even
  • The death of public education
  • The rise of the machines
  • The completely unreported blinding of the CIA last fall and the war in the deep state.

Don’t look for improvement in 2019.