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Not so much dying as rotting. Thus, the smell and putrid look.

The ever-surprising Camille Paglia addresses one noticeable facet, the mainly female obsession with posting idiocy on Insta and other social spy sites.

One of the greatest photographs ever taken of a Hollywood star was Edward Steichen’s 1924 close-up of Gloria Swanson through a lavishly embroidered black veil. It conveys tremendous power, dignity and enigmatic reserve. If women want respect in society, they must do their part to raise their own value. Stop throwing it away on empty display.

Yeah. Kim K. has those ass-ets. But(t) all the time??? Hmmm. Paglia also roundaboutly admits a few of the faults of her g-g-g-generation. Those faults have infected subsequent generations with predictable results.

The pitiful, moronic state of the socials I partly covered in today’s PNW:


The #MeToo mania, helpful to some I’m sure, has also helped fuel the decline. Today, women who do not report alleged crimes to the police, happily report them to SJW shame lists. Defamation is a real thing as some young women are now finding out. The aggrieved boy in the last link, I don’t like his odds. His story is probably true. But few care, as evidenced by the DA’s actions and those of the “school.” Tisk.

Back on the socials, I just today deleted by Gab account. Two years ago I hailed Gab and the free and intelligent alternative to Twitter. It isn’t. The only viable options to the socials might be going social free. You know, like we were only 20 years ago.

But you, you with the cat videos, you stay on FB. Perfectly safe and sane.

Possible wrap for the week.