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If so, you may be beyond hope.

I’ve paid exactly .001% attention to Peterson since I first heard of him – my only source has been Vox Day’s warnings that the goofy professor is a nut job, a socialist, and a con artist. I trust Vox. I trust that Peterson is an unstable lefty.

So it was that I wasn’t at all surprised last weekend when my interview subject, Ms. X, named him as her favorite conservative. The fact of little Benny’s presence was a fitting coincidence.

The interview issue was, of course, Brett Kavanaugh. And now we know what Peterson thinks about that. Thanks again, Vox:

Screenshot 2018-10-06 at 3.03.05 PM

I understand the madman is popular. And he’s being pushed by the MSM – as is Shapiro. That, by itself, should tell you everything.

BTW: Early congratulations and welcome to our newest Supreme Court Justice, Mr. Brett Kavanaugh!