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While some of us are urging caution and restraint against the AI/robotic/computer onslaught of the 21st century, others urge a merger – much like Saruman urging Gandalf to join with Sauron.

Mental illness runs strong in the robo-techno-alliance of tomorrow:

Human beings will evolve. We haven’t always been human. We were sea creatures, then we were living in the trees, then we became human. Soon we will become something else. Technology is part of our lives and it will become part of our evolutionary journey, too.

My partner and I identify as cyborgs as we are no longer 100% human. We have new body parts that give us access to perceptions that are beyond usual human perception. It’s not about augmenting reality, or living in virtual reality; it’s more about revealing a reality that already exists.

I can see it now: separate bathrooms at Starbucks for those partners identifying as tree-living cybernetic sea creatures. All perfectly normal. Just like the Jetsons.