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Or they can throw it over you. A net, even of the “saaaaaafety” variety, can trap just easily as it can catch. Most miss that. See: This Story.

“There is such a need for safety nets, so many people are in this position,” she said.

The Urban Institute survey comes at a time when lawmakers are considering cuts to some safety-net programs, such as Medicaid, SNAP and housing assistance.

The researchers said that lawmakers run the risk of increasing the rate of hardship if they reduce support services.

It is the first study on the subject by the DC-based organization, which looks at economic and social policy issues. The institute plans to conduct the study every year to track the well-being of families as the economy and safety net systems evolve.

The problems are real but the root causes are frequently misidentified. The proposed solutions are always more of the same roots.

I should have a little more on the general lack of reasoning in this age of “post-literacy” via today’s TPC bit. That, then, here.