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This should be it.

Some of you have noticed that I have lately minimized my presence on FB. I’m still there, technically and for now, for FP work (posted as FP) and possibly some TPC promotions. This post should be the last post from this Highly Respected Web Log pushed (by me) to FB.

The algorithms won, I guess. That and the following render the platform of little use to me via this site.

Banning and shadow banning is bad enough. Hell, the general inanity is enough. Buying and selling banking information is unspeakable. And, when Gary Cohn compares FB to the Big Banks, circa 2008, you know something is seriously amiss.

Vox Day’s advice on the matter:

Delete your Facebook account NOW

Forget the thought policing. Forget the Infowars ban. Facebook is going to get a LOT worse very soon.

At this point, if you’re still on Facebook, you’re not merely putting your children’s privacy at risk and aiding and abetting your would-be destroyer, you’re downright stupid. I’ve never been banned from Facebook, I used it sparingly at best, and I got rid of my account anyhow. The ability to indirectly exchange pictures with your extended family or cyberstalk your high school boyfriend just isn’t worth it.

If you need to have group communications, get on Idka. If you want more conventional social media, try Oneway. Or go radio dark if that suits you. But regardless, at the very least, deactivate your Facebook account and encourage your friends and family to do the same. It’s not going to get better.

No, it’s not. Be warned, whether your a conservative, a libertarian, a lefty, a pot pusher, a foodie, or just a cat video-loving normie. You ain’t safe.

I will no longer respond to likes, comments, friend requests, etc. on FB (with the possible exception of my own “liking” of TPC promos – again, for now).

The good news is that you are here, right now. You can like and comment and communicate here and you can always add yourself to the automatic distribution service (see the sidebar on the PC version).

You can do the same thing at TPC and on Youtube: follow the links on the sidebar.

I see this issue, of the socials and of greater popular society, as our American Akallabeth. The man behind the throne is lying us towards destruction. We are the faithful. Man the ships.



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