Disturbing stuff:

Pushing the Pedos (CAUTION: this one is a little strong)


On June 14, 2018, I dropped the bomb about where all the tolerance, equality, and diversity BS is going … now. The current push of the degenerates is for the normalization of pedophilia. The globos are meeting stronger resistance on this front than perhaps they ever have (thanks be to God). The lettering is a little crowded as is but I hear they want to add a “P” to the LGBTQWTF acronym.


More proof comes from the disgusting life and times of one James Gunn, whom I had never heard of until I read Cerno’s story. Gunn seems to be a pathetic creep who was just fired as the director of some sort of Disney trash. *Note: Walt and Roy have been dead for some time now though it’s the company they founded that’s stinking as it decomposes.*


Gunn was fired after Mike Cernovich revealed an archive of (since deleted) Gunn Tweets. In those Tweets, the freak … uh … just read a few at the link or below. He says they were all but jokes – 10,000 filthy, disgusting, Satanic, sick, very detailed and very personal, very telling jokes about rape, raping children, and animals raping children. By the way, this is the type of “man” standing in for Walt these days.


Okay, the quotes. Saideth the (very likely) pedo-queer:



It’s also interesting that a petition is circulating to reinstate Gunn. Also interesting is FB’s nosedive.