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This could be the most amazing story of the week. The federal empire regulates almost everything. Everything. Including measurements and sizes. They regulate bank deposits. And bullet calibers. And rural telephone lines. And who flys what over other countries. And the volume of toilet tanks. And “short” lobsters (whom, I think, prefer to be called “little” lobsters…).

With all this regulatin’, it’s a wonder that they are bowing out of the opportunity to regulate airline seat sizes. Not their problem, they say…

Cramped cabins, knocked knees, aggrieved elbows: all real problems for today’s flyers. But the Federal Aviation Administration has said they aren’t its problems — announcing Tuesday that it will not regulate airline seat size and legroom.

The decision came in the form of a letter responding to a lawsuit brought by the group Flyers Rights.

Flyers Rights said that shrinking seats, which it calls sardine seats, present an issue during emergency evacuations, especially as larger passengers could struggle to get out of the seats in a hurry.

After Passenger Dragging Last Year, Airlines Improved Performance

But the FAA said that current seat size is not a safety issue.

This is an outrage. You, Mr. John Q. Flyboy, should write to whatever snake-oil, con artist “represents” you in Congress!

Or, just laugh with Carlin: