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This one really wraps up several pressing issues, particularly toward the end and in the notes I added:

The CDC reports strong growth in suicide rates nationwide over the past generation. These rates are up 30% in half the states. Self-inflicted demise is now the tenth leading cause of death in our country. This, at a time of supposed peace, prosperity, and economic growth. 54% of the recent suicides were by persons with no previously known mental disorder. No age, race, situation, or condition seems immune. Look through that report; odds are you’ll be staggered.

The venerable CDC suggests what can be done about the trend. I see good, bad, and incomplete in their advice. At a superficial level, they get it right about life stress being a major factor. Their solutions, some of them I think, are perhaps a little misplaced.

“Making sure government, public health, healthcare, employers, education, the media and community organizations are working together is important for preventing suicide.”
– CDC, Overview.

That certainly sounds fine and well. But, what if the government, the “public” health, and all those institutions are contributing to the problem? Contributing to all that stress, consternation, and perplexity. Then what?


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