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Slowly. And it’s more of a (barely) flying kayak drone than a car. Anyway, you can certainly trust the Google guy who invented those murderous “autonomous” vehicles.

With a gentle touch on a sliding nob, Rachel used her hand to take off inside the Flyer from a dock on Lake Las Vegas, 25 miles from downtown. Using a simple Atari-esque joystick in her other hand, she began to carefully pilot the Flyer around, traveling between three and 10 feet above the lake. (Her speed was capped at 6 mph — experienced pilots can fly up to 20 mph).

As Rachel glided above the lake, Kitty Hawk’s mission control team monitored her flight from a small building nearby and provided guidance through speakers in her helmet. Five minutes later, Rachel returned to the dock, landing the Flyer like a pro.

She threw her arms up in celebration. We all cheered.

20 MPH, a 100 Mile range, and a video game controller. Call George Jetson. Tell him to leave the family behind (no passengers) and set aside plenty of extra time.

At least it kind of flies.


Faster than a sickly snail, able to leap smaller sickly snails with a good running start. CNN.