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Yesterday I rang a bell about Marvin Goodfriend (who, it turns out, is not a good friend) and his scheme to rob and enslave you. He’s pushing a cashless society, among other things.

I then recalled a link from the old FP News site about rebellion against the same in Sweden. The Swedes.

It’s interesting that I just today ran a piece at FP about Sweden’s sudden call to vigilance about possible war and civil unrest.

They released a brochure. 

Other countries in Europe are quietly doing the same thing even as Americans gain more weight and more tattoos.

These things are all interrelated, thanks to the never-ending gifts of globalism. Ready or not, war and financial crisis are coming to the West. Stefan Molyneux and Peter Schiff discussed part of that and more yesterday:

Stefan M.

Watch that, all of it. They discuss the coming crash, the debt, the stupidity, the end of retirement, immigration (both ways), and the near-certainty of full-fledged socialism in America. If you’re on your game, then you can answer the riddle as to why those evil men like GoodFIEND want negative interest rates, even in a time when central banksters are saying things are great and rates should rise a bit. If not, then I suggest maybe another highly respected web log might be more to your liking. Maybe not to read but just one with a bunch of cat pictures. Cats with tattoos. Obese cats with tattoos…

Today Stefan talked to Joseph M. Humire about that socialist disaster in Venezuela (watch that). If you’ve been following along at FP the past year or so, then you know that’s a pet subject and a microcosm of what American’s can look forward to. Turns out there is more to that tragedy than even I knew.

I was going to make a video about all this but what you see here is probably as close to a synthesis as I’ll come for now.

Solutions? Well, you had that lovely election the other day so everything should be fine, right? You took my advice and wisely elected Ron Paul President in 2008, remember? Or not. Schiff is probably right. Barring some great 27-D chess move by the Trump, the suffering masses will be penalized with even more of the same insanity that created these deep problems in the first place.

I have other real solutions (two really) which I will hold tight for the time being. Three predictions as well.

PS: another great column at TPC is coming along any hour now. That, then, here.