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In the interests of honesty and reality, the man should change his name to GoodFIEND. He seriously advocates robbing the people of their money and forcing them into servitude to the criminal banksters. He’s also nominated by the Trump to the Federal Reserve Syndicate.

Trump Federal Reserve Board of Governors nominee Marvin Goodfriend reportedly advocated on two different occasions the elimination of cash from circulation in an effort to prevent individuals from hoarding cash in the event that the Federal Reserve were to push a negative interest rate policy during a financial crisis.

The Mises Institute notes that Goodfriend first floated the idea in a 1999 paper called “The Case for Unencumbering Interest Rate Policy at the Zero Bound” and again promoted the concept at a 2016 Federal Reserve conference in Jackson Hole, Wyo.

Goodfriend reportedly said that the Fed needs the option to push interest rates negative, which would cause consumers to pay fees in order to keep their money in savings accounts, and that cash should be eliminated to prevent banking consumers from pulling their money out of banks to avoid paying those fees.

Bloomberg notes that Goodfriend suggested a few theories for how to phase out cash. He floated eliminating large bills to make cash less convenient. He suggested that the Fed charge banks and/or consumers fees for issuing paper currency. He advocated that the issuance of cash be taxed such that consumers only receive 90 cents when withdrawing a dollar. He also called for abolishing cash outright. The Wall Street Journal notes that Goodfriend additionally suggested that cash bills should contain a magnetic strip so they can be scanned and tracked as they move through circulation.

Word has it he will even graciously allow singing in the fields.

I really like Donald Trump. I like the idea of America, America first even. I like my swamps drained. But I wonder sometimes why a man, nominally at war with the NWO, keeps nominating one swamp rat after another. We shall write this off as 19-D chess or whatnot.

Anyway, the criminal banksters have already achieved real negative interest rates. That barrier proved just as easily broken as the one associated with 767.3 MPH. It’s a convenient mechanism to boost the already steady supply of funny money. Here’s, in brief, how it works:

Congress authorizes debt spending, money created from nothing. The Fed digitally prints even more fake currency. They loan that surplus crap to the commercial banking criminals at a negative interest rate, adding even more fiat elasticity. The big banks loan it to smaller banks, funds, and credit companies at a flat or marginal rate. The smaller bank deals with a credit card bank at friendly, discount terms. (All along the way, money is passed with either little cost, no cost, or an actual bonus). The credit card bank kindly loans you the fake money – at 19% interest. You have to pay that back, via the sacrifice of part of your life and livelihood. You are literally the only party in the chain that has to contribute something real to the cycle.

That’s the loan side of negative rates. For savers, it means that the bank that holds your money no longer has to pay you anything for the privilege of the holding and use of your hard-earned cash. In fact, under this plan, you will have to pay them a fee to keep your cash. You will have no choice in the matter. This is also known as robbery.

This plan, when (when not if) implemented, will be sold to the gullible public as a measure of safety and convenience. Something about fighting terrorists or feeding whales or feeding whales to terrorists or anything else they think 95 IQ teevee watchers will fall for.

What this all amounts to is a desperate scramble by the globalist elites to grab just a little more real wealth and control as their new hellish world heads south. This is kind of what the Pope was eluding to the other day, in flowery, economically vacuous terms. These wise, central planners are literally planning to force the people into conditions to shock a Roman peasant. The people, by and very large, for their part, pop pills, eat a lot of sugar, and contemplate new tattoos. Not all of them.

Today, millions of Americans are headed to the polls to make their voices heard, make their votes count. Rest assured that whichever Uniparty dipshit you endorse today, he is deeply educated about this brewing danger and surely has a ready plan to combat it.

(Hang on a second. I laughed myself off my chair).

Okay, seriously, there is a solution to problems like this. Honest solutions. Appropriate solutions.

All of these schemes, these dread issues of modernity – the banking fraud, the debt, the hands-free laws, the pitiful schools, the “refugees,” the rancor, the violence – all of it is connected. People elsewhere are slowly waking up. The Italians will probably leave the EU within a year. The Swiss and the Swedes are preparing for war. The Hungarians and the Polls are firmly saying, “No!” to more globalist “help.” Will you, the Trump, and the rest of the US join them?