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An analysis you’re not likely to get on the MSM:

Stefan Molyneux/YouTube.

He hits hard on the mindless boilerplate calls for more gun control. No “AR-47” or “fully automatic assault clips” to blame here. And Crazy Uncle Joe Biden did tell everyone to get a shotgun… Anyone called for #pressurecookercontrol or #pipecontrol? No.

He notes the media lies about “a school shooting every week” and dismantles accordingly. BTW, according to the CDC, while you watched his video, about 72 lives were saved in the US by guns.

He notes something else I had noticed: the MSM communists keep talking about the iron cross pin but stay conspicuously silent about their paraphernalia (hammer and sickle, Baphomet, etc.). No one, that I’m aware of, has mentioned the LGBT+ rainbow heart pin this overweight, smelly, atheist loser was sporting. Interesting.

This kind of examination is unheard of in the media, radical if you will. Stefan’s solution is radical too: charging the parents. Something to consider if one can get away from blaming the NRA.

My solution is even more radical. It also addresses societal problems beyond the violence. If you want to abolish school shootings, then abolish the schools. Abolish. Public. Schools. Or convert them to something that works, something decentralized. Homeschoolers do not have these problems at all. And they don’t suffer the embarrassing statistics I mentioned yesterday: a 92% graduation rate with only 39% proficiency in English and 28% proficiency in math (at the subject TX school, which is about the US average).

I’m probably going to cover this in a video asap. For now, this is the best I’ve seen. All things to think about, if you’re into thinking.

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Signs, signs, signs.