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The other day Rep. Mo Brooks was predicting more leftist violence.

Today, in the weekly roundup, Taki’s Mag provides a little more evidence Mo may be on to something: the ravings of a hefty California public employee, name of Randa Jarrar:

[Some banal vulgarity and general whitey hating]….I don’t give a fuck. I’m buying guns….I’m going to do some stupid shit. I’m tired of being the bigger person….I’m also just tired of the left being stupid….Why is [Richard] Spencer’s house still standing? I don’t understand. Like, it needs to be fucking broken into. People need to fucking throw grenades into it. I don’t give a fuck.

DO. NOT. WORRY. She still has her tenured job teaching donut eating or something. No investigation. No intervention. She’s diverse and therefore free to spread the same idiotic, violent threats that the left complained about not being investigated just before the Parkland shooting. Actually, they do a lot of the same stuff they complain about.

In their defense, they are a depressed lot. Many are still not over the collapse of the Soviet Union. Now, with North Korea poised to fall, they may become unhinged. Get them some lithium or something before they do start throwing grenades. #grenadecontrol?