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With all the hubbub about guns lately – record ownership, record crime stopping, and record concealed carry – I get asked more than a few times about carry laws, rules, and faux pas. Simply put: look those laws up and/or consult a good local attorney; they vary from state to state.

Still I get pressed about things like: carrying in cars, across state lines, loaded, unloaded, disclosure to the cops, etc., etc., etc. It happened yesterday – queried by a fellow who already has a CCW. You, Mr. Law Abiding Citizen, follow the rules and your conscience.

And stop the obsessive worry. The odds of a negative LEO encounter are slightly marginal at best. I pose four easy questions to put this in perspective (inquiries are frequently vehicular in nature, hence number 2):

One. How old are you?

Two. How long have you been driving?

Three. How many times have you ever been stopped by the police?

Four. How many times have you been searched?

The nearly universal answer to number four is “zero.” And there you have your effective chances of future problems.

Keep calm and carry on.