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Hold on to your ARs! Superstar Survivor David Hogg (rhymes with “slog,” as in the tiring noun usage) readies a new and sure-to-be trendy book on how you need to surrender your lives to communism. It’s anterior title is #NeverAgain.

One hopes, given the title, it may be the last time we have to hear from the spaghetti-armed bully who is totally not a crisis actor. More likely it’ll be the long-awaited sequel to the utter fairy tale bullshit that was Michael Bellesiles’s (pronounced: “l-i-a-r”) Arming America.

Captain Boogie Board is probably out hawking it at one of today’s marches for Marx. Good luck, kid.

If you’re into truth, then seriously consider Tom Wood’s new work, Wrong About Guns.

There’s an Epidemic of Low-IQ Arguments Against Guns

Supporters of gun rights are being accused of child murder, and liking their guns more than their children. Time to fight back.

Inside this free eBook:

* Why civilians have a much better record than police at stopping mass shootings — the numbers will shock you

* Don’t countries with tougher gun laws have fewer gun fatalities? Here’s the real truth

* How concealed-carry laws reduce violent crime

* The truth about “assault weapons”

* The bogus constitutional arguments of the anti-gun lobby

* The only reasonable approach to school shootings

Yes. It’s FREE. Get a copy, right now, HERE!


Unless Perrin (or Woods) is your FB friend. Tom Woods.

#NeverAgain need you fall victim to the lies of disarmament. To pay Woods back for this freebie, consider his other, paid offerings from Amazon.