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It’s just a “malfunction” and IT is just smashing the pint glasses … for now:

A ‘malfunctioning’ robot named Fred has terrified drinkers in a London pub by smashing a pint glass while talking about a ‘robot invasion’.

The hyper-realistic automaton, modeled to be an exact replica of London-based actor Tedroy Newell, sat down for a refreshing lager at The Prince Alfred pub in Maida Vale, in the west of the capital.

Unsuspecting customers were unprepared for what came next, with the humanoid berating locals before crushing the drinking vessel in his hands.

The robot, described as ‘indistinguishable from humans’, was created as part of a stunt to promote TV Series Westworld.

Ah, yes. Westworld. Yul Brynner’s little “malfunction.” Nice. Artificial life imitates art. No word if “Fred” has a swashbuckling friend.

Westworld (1973) Blu-ray Screenshot

Draw. Westworld.

But fear not! Besides the warnings of this “highly respected web log,” other resistance forms, of a kind most effective:

What resistance may look like: In the Industrial Age, [Carl] Frey said, people rioted against automation. This time will be different, he said. “Now people have political rights and can vote against automation,” he said.

Exactly. Voting has worked ever so well these past, what, 6,000 years??? The robot monsters, including the rigged Diebold ballots, will certainly honor your wishes. Just ask “Fred” when he calms down.

This may not end well.