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They still call this country-shaped place “America” though the shenanigans sometimes cause doubt.

Take the NFL (please!). The F is supposed to stand for “football.” Once upon a time that was a manly American sport. The post-American NFL seems to shun all things: manly, American, decent, normal, noncriminal, and free. Oh, they also shun Christian virgins too.

A former Miami Dolphins cheerleader claims that she was discriminated against by the team and the NFL for talking about her Christian faith — and mocked after she admitted that she was a virgin.

Kristan Ann Ware, who cheered on the Dolphins for three years, charged in a complaint filed with the Florida Commission on Human Relations that the workplace turned hostile after she told some of her fellow cheerleaders that she was waiting until she was married to have sex.

It got even worse, Ware charged, when she posted an image of her baptism along with a Bible verse on social media.

“Let’s talk about your virginity,” cheerleader director Dorie Grogan allegedly said when Ware arrived for an interview for returning dancers in April 2016, according to the complaint. “As far as we are concerned you have taken something that was once upon a time pure and beautiful and you’ve made it dirty.”

Ware, who is no longer with the Dolphins, is now seeking arbitration from the Florida commission and a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. She said female cheerleaders should be allowed to express their faith publicly the way the male players do.


Even if she misses the job she must look much better without those gaudy anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Western rags. Getty/CBS.

According to the Dolphins, stating the fact of one’s virginity makes it dirty? Really? Was it that, or the Baptism, or both? I’m sure that had Ware identified as a gun controlling, Hindu, Hobbit, non-binary, sodomite, she would have received some sort of award. “Three cheers for our new captain!” Any arbitrator worth his salt will order Badell, Kraft, Peter King, the freaks, and the thugs on the first boat out. And why haven’t we heard from the DOJ Office on Violence Against Women, the UN Commission on Human Rights, the NOW gang, and the #metoo brigade? Odd.

Those Americans, over forty, proud, and sane, might also find it odd that assorted lowlifes willfully attack another beautiful young woman for expressing her faith and pride in the Second Amendment.

A University of Tennessee Chattanooga senior’s graduation photo has generated controversy on social media. In the photo, Brenna Spencer is seen wearing a bright pink “Women for Trump” T-shirt with white jeans. A black handgun is tucked into her waistband.

Spencer shared the photo on Twitter Saturday and captioned the post: “I don’t take normal college graduation photos.”

I, for one, haven’t the faintest idea what’s controversial about any of this, except that I also don’t see anything about the photo as abnormal. Oh, wait. We’re in post-America now… Some non-Americans chimed in. I bet that had the shirt been a “F*ck Trump!” model they might have been more accepting. Anyway, their drivel:

Using a gun to make a political point is irresponsible gun ownership.

Hmm..heres a question, what point are you trying to make by sticking a gun in your pants, I would think you want to irritate others and enhance your political point.. Are you going to use the gun( because that’s why they were made). I’m sorry but I’m confused by your ignorance.

If you had chosen to brandish your most valuable asset we’d be looking at your brain, we’d be seeing you accomplish something for humanity. Instead you chose a an extension which you think makes you who you are. It does not.

I don’t know anything about Brenna Spencer and don’t care if she wears a “Women for Trump” t-shirt while strapped with a gun. What bothers me is the reflexive racism that allows people to see Spencer as a “patriot” but to see an armed black woman or man as a criminal threat.

I’m not sure if the lovely Ms. Spencer or her followers wasted time replying to these wastes of oxygen. I happen to have a few seconds to spare, so:

Dad: There’s a lot of exciting change in North Korea, Sudan, Iran, etc. Why not go be happy somewhere else?

Jasmine: You’re confused and irritated but something stinks, little flower, and I think it’s you.

Goth Boy: I’m sure her pistol has done more for humanity than all the black-clad, sad-face freaks in all of history. And certainly more than yours.

Keith (kudos for using what seems like a real name): It’s not 1850 anymore. No one cares. Maybe, as he heads to his own greener pasture, Dad could drop you off in Mugabe Land or somewhere.

All: Great! As the NFL hates Christians, so you hate free, armed, attractive young women. Got it. I note that, the First Amendment being a relic of the 18th Century, you have absolutely no right to express your opinions like this. Kindly cease and desist. Furthermore: Go to Hell!


I find this normal and more than a little alluring. Watch out, Dana Loesch! Twitter.

If this “highly respected web log” hadn’t blown the budget on cigars and hydrazine, then I would heartily offer these young ladies employment here. As is, I offer them the most sincere respect for being who they are. I accept them. If you can’t, if you can’t abide beautiful women, American, Christian, and free, then you are worse than a bigot. Literally worse than Hitler. Knock it off.