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This all started when an ATM talked back to me. I’m not even sure anymore if this part of our “highly respected web log” is satire or a dire warning.

Anyway, BIG doins in South Korea:

A TOP South Korean university is secretly developing a killer Artificial Intelligence robot army that could destroy humanity, scientists fear.

KAIST university allegedly launched a new AI weapons lab in February, leading dozens of researchers to believe the products will “have the potential to be weapons of terror”.

A top university in South Korea is secretly developing a killer AI robot army, scientists have warned. Could it lead to a takeover in the style of Terminator, pictured?
Toby Walsh, a professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, organised the boycott with 49 other researchers.

He said in an open letter: “If developed, autonomous weapons will … permit war to be fought faster and at a scale great than ever before.

“They will have the potential to be weapons of terror.”

KAIST said it had “no intention to engage in development of lethal autonomous weapons systems and killer robots”.

“We have no intention to launch a killer AI weapons lab. We merely launched a killer AI weapons lab. Launched it in secret. Possibly resulting in the end of humanity. What the heck’s the problem?”

And you thought North Korea was trouble.

They’re going to hold another Geneva Convention to head this stuff off. Better call the Avengers, the Super Friends, and Captain Kangaroo too.


“Da, dee, da… Now to give the humans a little poison gas… The Sun.

Worse than losing the First! Vegan Farsi channel.