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The following story is more pitiful and possibly more dangerous than John Paul’s Stevens’s feeble plea to destroy civil liberties (working on response…). Check this out:

Robot abuse is real, but maybe this little tortoise can help

Here’s a little robotic tortoise with a big lesson to teach.

Shelly is a cute little guy, with a plastic shell, wiggly legs, and a series of LEDs that light up to express its repertoire of simulated emotions. But Shelly is more than just a toy. It’s a tool designed to help children understand that while robots may not feel pain or hurt feelings the way humans do, mistreating them is not okay.

If a child hits or squeezes Shelly — or tries to pry apart its shell — the sensor-studded turtlebot pulls its noggin back into its shell and doesn’t come out again for 14 seconds.

I’m thinking a twenty-pound sledge-hammer and Shelly will clam up for longer than 14 seconds.

This is how they get you to accept the loss of jobs and then the eventual extermination. With a turtlebot. It’s not the eradication of humans. It’s robot abuse… Dear Gawd, if people accept this… Is this what teevee has done to the brains?

Anyway, as I was saying, they get you with this little fellow (almost cute in a doped-up, Japanimation kind of way):


Then this not-so-little fellow steps in for the kill:


Maybe in his next book or op-ed Stevens could float a ban on these things. They’re not our friends. There is no reason to be kind to them. Unless, of course, we kill them with “kindness.” So long as they die.