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When I first saw the following story my initial thought was that the Chinese, as “well-intentioned” as they might be, are a little late in the coming. American and European Communists began infiltrating the academy in earnest in the 1940’s. Today they have virtual control over most US education, from grade school to graduate school.

But, that’s not exactly what the story is about. It seems the Chi-Coms want (and have) direct influence over their students studying abroad in America.

While many countries, including the United States, fund educational activities abroad, the Chinese government’s direct support for, and control over, student groups appears to be unique. Beijing’s influence over these groups is also beginning to raise questions and concerns among students on American campuses, who fear they will be accused of being agents of espionage. The growing ties are also concerning U.S. government officials, who are wary of China’s political and economic reach in the United States.

At a security hearing last month, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that American universities are naive about the intelligence risk of Chinese “nontraditional collectors, especially in the academic setting,” and claimed that China poses a “whole-of-society threat.”

Those comments have alarmed some Chinese students. Several Georgetown University student representatives wrote an open letter to the university president, asking the school to disavow Wray’s statements and calling the comments a “witch-hunt” and a “McCarthyist craze.” The article also cited FP’s recent report revealing that the Georgetown CSSA has received Chinese government funding.

If this is a witch-hunt, modern-day, 21st Century McCarthyism, then rest assured in around 40 years a Venona-ish report will surface, justifying the hunt 110%.

But my initial fears are likely misplaced or over thought. Yes, young American Tide Pod-eaters and their post-hippy professors, and SJW administrators would surely appreciate a little more official indoctrination. However, the Chinese variety – geared towards a xenophobic nationalism and eco-techo progression – probably isn’t for them. I suspect they are more in favor of old-school Soviet central planning, with all the speech and religion quashing, heavy-handed social and work assignments, and mass murdering.

There’s sure to be some small crossover. Maybe forced abortions and population limitations could replace the religion of Row and specious climate change, blame-it-on-man reactionism. But the main focus of the article and of Wray’s concerns is that of a fifth column of potentially nefarious foreigners embedded in, and drawing resources from, American culture or what remains of it.

There may be a place for the left’s new meddling here, on the side against the infiltrators – a sort of American nationalism for those who really hate America. Odd but possible. East Asians, minorities though they be, here, are rapidly becoming the new white men, especially in employment and double-especially in academia. High IQ, serious students, who naturally excel at math and science, don’t exactly help the numbers or the narrative. It’s something for someone to think about. Feel, maybe.

For the rest of us, all of this kind of fits with Vox Day’s second edition of Voxiversity, Sink the Ships. Watch on YouTube (before they SJW it away):


It’s a quick work from a quick study. It builds on the inaugural episode. History shows time and time again that egalitarian kindness is often the worst source of the worst violence and pseudo-genocidal changes any culture or people can subject themselves too. Sinking the ships, figuratively or literally, an overt act of unpleasantness to be certain, may just be more humanitarian in the long run than the alternative.

Something else to think about. Maybe best without the feels.

Protestors And Supporters Gather During Hu Jintao's Visit To Chicago

It’s like the Fourth of July! Scott Olson/Getty/Foreign Policy.