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He’s (She’s?, Xir’s??, They’s???) not talking about the Federal Reserve.

Another good reason to be very wary of the college-debt-idiocy complex:

Following a row about a professor-produced play about immigration a new and exciting student group has sprung up at Kenyon College in Ohio: The Whiteness Group seeks to silence whites on campus.

The Good Samaritan’s retraction comes serendipitously at the same moment as the creation of a new student group at Kenyon: “the whiteness group.”

The group was founded by a student, Juniper Cruz, and is notable not just for its name, but for its rules, which state that “no white person can ask a person of color questions; white people must try to answer their questions for themselves. And no spreading rumors about what people say during the meetings.”

If you were going to set out to create a more illiberal student group possible at a college, you would be hard-pressed to do so.

Were I a student at Kenyon, this wouldn’t be much of a problem for me. “STFU” isn’t exactly a question. And censorship and crybaby-ism isn’t much of an academic tradition. At least one (probably older) professor gets it: “’Today is the end of [liberal education at Kenyon College],’ Fred Baumann, a professor of political science at Kenyon, proclaimed last week to a panel and its audience.”

He’s alone:

And as for Baumann’s suggestion that liberal education was finished at Kenyon, he’s certainly on to something. Following the panel where Baumann made his stand, one student took to Facebook, saying that if liberal education “necessitates the silencing of marginalized communities, the protection of racism, and our complicity with both, then let the damned thing die.”

A loaded, fallacious “if, then.” Let it already; there are better and cheaper alternatives. Is this garbage worth $65,840 per year? No.


No questions asked, okay?! WFDD.