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The Patriots win. Again.

Number six.

I said the Patriots would be in SB LI. They were. I said they’d beat the … ? … whoever they beat last year. They did. Then, last year, immediately after that predictable victory, I said the people in Boston were serious about coming back this year, this month, tomorrow. (Consult the Feb. 2017 archives for that and so much more). They meant it and they did it. They’re serious about winning again too. They will.


Still got some seats left! At a bargain price… ESPN.

And, still they won’t be finished. I’ve said previously that Brady and Co. would win number six to tie the Steelers for all-time wins and then win no. 7 for the record. I’m not sure 7 will follow 6 in succession next year but anything’s possible. Then, this particular dynasty might (might…) be finished. Time will tell. It’s also telling that Brady, Gisele’s alleged protestations aside, also predicts 2 more SB wins.



*Last year I ran some memes about the Falcons and their “heartbreaking” loss, which I commenced dropping before they actually lost. It now occurs to me that eagles and falcons are near aviary twins. So, I could repeat the memes, merely striking one for the other, name-wise. I won’t. I’m not that cruel and it’s not necessary.*

There’s a reason for all this, for the unstoppable perfection. I covered that pretty well last year for SB LI. A few days ago I heard some sports commentator expound that even the Pats haters should take a moment to appreciate the uniqueness of what we’ve witnessed these past two decades out of NE; it’s something special in sports history. Most won’t and that’s okay. In fact, it may be better so.

One of the two positions must be true: 1) either the Pats don’t notice and/or don’t care about the opposition opinions, or; 2) they feed off of it. If it’s the later, then there’s a lot of food for the feast: it really is New England vs. The World.

BOSTON (CBS) – “New England vs. Everybody” is more than just a shirt – it’s reality, according to a new poll.

A survey from Monmouth University finds that 37 percent of Americans are rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles to win Super Bowl LII, compared to just 16 percent who want another Patriots championship.

If you hate them down now, they will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine…

Powerful like tomorrow evening. 28 – 24, NE.

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USA Today.

PS: as noted at FP News this week, this could also be the H3N2 Flu Bowl…