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As usual I am, now, plugging through several books, some I’ve mentioned before. Some may be reviewed here and at Amazon. One which definitely will (eventually) is The Last Closet by Moria Greyland, Castalia, 12/12/17.



It’s a 5-star book but my recommendation is qualified. For full “enjoyment” one requires, I think: a slightly higher IQ; an interest in the darkness of society (very dark), and; a cast iron stomach. The subject matter is horrendous, as related first-hand by a victim. Not going into details yet but this book covers some of the worst evil imaginable.

A side affect is that, as sometimes happens, this book has prompted me to reread another, older book. In this case: Dracula by Bram Stoker. The Last Closet, non-fiction, is vastly darker, scarier, making Harker’s expedition seem like a run-of-the-mill real estate closing.

Speaking of dark … a new Disney SJW Star Wars movie is in theaters. This is the first one that I am not thrilled about seeing. I will see it because: 1) Star Wars, and 2) 40 years of devotion. I do not like the look and feel of the reviews and spoilers I read. The Last Jedi may be the last Star Wars movie for me. Not sure until I see it. You’ll hear back, then.

And, yes, there are those other reviews I said were coming. Just you wait. BBQ a porg to pass the time.