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As a rule, they have no ideology and no ideas.

A list of the 40 “best” conservative commentators:

40) Susan Stamper Brown
39) Larry Elder
38) Andrew Malcolm
37) Mollie Hemingway
36) John Ziegler
35) Karol Markowicz
34) Michael Brendan Dougherty
33) Erick Erickson
32) Mike Adams
31) David Harsanyi
30) Dan Gainor
29) Quinn Hillyer
28) Andrew Klavan
27) Rachel Alexander
26) Michael Barone
25) Kyle Smith
24) Megan McCardle
23) Ann Coulter
22) Matthew Continetti
21) Kat Timpf
20) Todd Starnes
19) John Stossel
18) Kevin McCarthy
17) James Pethokoukis
16) Dennis Prager
15) Walter Williams
14) Michelle Malkin
13) Rich Lowry
12) Byron York
11) Glenn Reynolds
10) Victor Davis Hanson
9) Ashe Schow
8) David Limbaugh
7) Kevin Williamson
6) Matt Lewis
5) David French
4) Kurt Schlichter
3) Matt Walsh
2) Jonah Goldberg
1) Ben Shapiro

No, I’m not jealous about the exclusion. My sad devotion to the ancient cigar religion turns off many; my free-firing at the GOP and the robots gets most of the rest.

There are a few respectable thinkers on the list, notably: Larry Elder; Mike Adams; ANN COULTER (how the hell is she not No. 1?); John Stossel; Walter Williams; Michelle Malkin; VDH (a liberal!), and; David Limbaugh. If this were an honest list and based on intelligent observations, then Coulter, Stossel, and Williams would be on top.

AND, where is Pat Buchanan? (This is a list of conservatives, right?!) Or Paul Craig Roberts? Taki? Vox Day? Oh, yes. They are of the real right, so not wanted in this mix.

If one clicks down amongst the older rankings, one finds a parallel ascendency/descendancy of sorts. Coulter was, rightfully, in the top spot. Mark Steyn was up that way once upon a time. Things change.

Speaking of changes, what, exactly has been conserved these, say, past 50 years? The government is larger than ever. The debt is insurmountable. The unfunded liabilities have become laughable. Half the populace recieves benefits without paying taxes. The economy rests upon paper, digits, and threats. The currency (what stands in for it) is worthless. Troops in just about every nation. Tens of millions aborted. An effective ban prices out of practicality the real Second Amendment arms. The average IQ falls. [________] inequality rises. The demographics, mostly, do not resemble The Posterity. America ceases to resemble America.

Good jobs, guys and gals! At least we all still agree on football, right?