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Astronomers and cigar enthusiasts were recently startled and delighted to discover a 1 Million Ton cigar speeding through the solar system. Some are floating ridiculous ideas about it.

Today, scientists led by Stephen Hawking are using high-tech scanners to discover if a huge, cigar-shaped ‘comet’ is in fact, an alien probe.

Now, one astronomer claims that the space rock, named Oumuamua, could be an alien spacecraft with broken engines that is tumbling through our solar system.

Dr Jason Wright from Penn State University suggests that a broken alien spacecraft move in exactly the same way as the interstellar comet.

Oumuamua is about a quarter of a mile long, 260ft wide and currently travelling at 196,000mph.

Rather than moving through space like other space rocks, astronomers believe that it is ‘tumbling’ through our solar system.

Writing in his blog, Dr Wright, an associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Penn State University, says: ‘Such derelict craft would, if they are not travelling so fast that they escape the Galaxy, eventually ‘thermalize’ with the stars and end up drifting around like any other interstellar comet or asteroid.

“Oumuamua” just happens to be Norwegian for dark, oscuro leaf. Coincidence? Surely not.


That’s a giant cigar or I’ve never seen one. PA/Daily Mail.

For the ring gauge counters among you, the Oumuamua HYPER-Toro measures a galaxy-tipping 15,840 X 199,680! And you thought the Girthquake 11 X 90 was impressive…

Such a stogie can only be further proof that God exists, loves us, and wants us to be really, really, really happy. Just seeing the thing is enough to satisfy the curiosity. Catching it, at 196,000 MPH, would prove troublesome – as would clipping and lighting the thing. If you love it, let it go. Carry on, giant cigar, carry on. Godspeed.

There is, I suppose, a tiny chance we just witnessed a piece of long since malfunctioned alien technology. That, or a big rock.

And, speaking of things that rock, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the following:

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