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Not too long ago, when the trend to remove, shroud, or destroy all things Confederate started in earnest, I warned the BLMers and the SJWs about unintended consequences. And I wasn’t talking about the natural progression from heroes of the CSA to heroes of the early USA and then to any and all white or Christian men – that was a given; it happened practically concurrently.

What I meant and said was that it shouldn’t take too long before the SJW types start eating their own. And it has happened much faster than I anticipated.

BALTIMORE — The Maryland Stadium Authority has increased security around the Ray Lewis statue outside M&T Bank Stadium after the former All-Pro linebacker joined Ravens players in kneeling during the national anthem, which spurred an on-line petition to remove the 3-year-old landmark.

The petition on change.org has received more than 50,000 signatures as of Thursday morning.

Of course the statue is a divisive symbol of hate. As such, it must be removed. 50,000 of the people have spoken. This is what democracy looks like. Tear it down.


Hate has no place in Neo-Amerika. USA Today.

Antiquated relics like Lewis’s statue (and those of Robert E. Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, Walt Disney, etc.) represent the past. They should not be displayed in public, subsidized by taxpayers. Their proper places are in museums or on private property. They have to go.

Unintended consequences.