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In their independence, if they wish, or otherwise. The craven and useless U.S. government does not – nor do their pets in the media. That’s why you, in the US or outside of Western Europe, have heard so so little about today’s referendum.

For what it’s worth, the US doesn’t support independence in Kurdistan either – or anywhere else really.

“The United States does not recognize the Kurdistan Regional Government’s unilateral referendum held on Monday. The vote and the results lack legitimacy and we continue to support a united, federal, democratic and prosperous Iraq,” said the man who tried to destroy the Boy Scouts of America.

Out of respect for democracy, we cannot recognize the democratic actions of a people. Nice.

The controllers want control. They don’t care about unity, freedom, or prosperity. They certainly don’t care about peace. This woman wasn’t a victim of the terror attacks in either Canada nor France:



No. She was a victim of imperial aggression meted out by the shock troops of Madrid. Her crime was trying to vote her conscience.

Not a lot of unity or prosperity in that picture, eh?

Despite the worst efforts of the Satanic globalists some people still want self-determination; some wish to be free.

Viuen Lliures o moren, Catalunya!