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Trump vs. the NFL (No Fans Left?) is just another facet of the larger America vs. Anti-America. Whether one gets caught up in the politicization of the game or the infantile nature of the game itself matters little. It’s the culture war, stupid.

With all that’s in the media about kneeling, “free speech,” and burning jerseys, I wonder if something else is being purposely obscured. “Look! A Squirrel!” Just a thought.

Could it be the debt? Or a pending depression? Maybe it’s more war – always popular. Maybe in Korea. Or, perhaps in Syria?

If Americans ever cared to be serious, they might look for a moment at what happened in Syria last week with mild trepidation. A legion of U.S.-backed ISIS terrorists (we back ISIS, you know) attempted to kill or capture a squad of Russian peacekeepers (the Russians are promoting peace, namely by getting rid of terrorists). Things didn’t work out so well for our proxies:

Something rather unprecedented just happened in Syria: US backed “good terrorist” forces attempted a surprise attack against Syrian government forces stationed to the north and northeast of the city of Hama. What makes this attack unique is that it took place inside a so-called “de-escalation zone” and that it appears that one of the key goals of the attack was to encircle in a pincer-movement and subsequently capture a platoon of Russian military police officers deployed to monitor and enforce the special status of this zone. The Russian military police forces, composed mainly of soldiers from the Caucasus region, fought against a much larger enemy force and had to call for assistance. For the first time, at least officially, Russian special operations forces were deployed to rescue and extract their comrades. At the same time, the Russians sent in a number of close air support aircraft who reportedly killed several hundred “good” terrorists and beat back the attack (Russian sources speak of the destruction of 850 fighters, 11 tanks, three infantry fighting vehicles, 46 armed pickup trucks, five mortars, 20 freighter trucks and 38 ammo supply points; you can see photos of the destroyed personnel and equipment here). What also makes this event unique is the official reaction of the Russians to this event.

Head of the Main Operations Department at Russia’s General Staff Colonel General Sergei Rudskoi declared that:

“Despite agreements signed in Astana on September 15, gunmen of Jabhat al-Nusra and joining them units that don’t want to comply with the cessation of hostilities terms, launched a large-scale offensive against positions of government troops north and northeast of Hama in Idlib de-escalation zone from 8 am on September 19 (…) According to available data, the offensive was initiated by American intelligence services to stop a successful advance of government troops east of Deir ez-Zor“.

Today, other Russian officials have added a not-so-veiled threat to this accusation. The Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman, Major General Igor Konashenkov has declared that:

Russia unequivocally told the commanders of US forces in Al Udeid Airbase (Qatar) that it will not tolerate any shelling from the areas where the SDF are stationed (…) Fire from positions in regions [controlled by the SDF] will be suppressed by all means necessary.

This is unprecedented on many levels. First, the Russians clearly believe that this attempt to kill or capture a platoon of the Russian military police was planned by the United States. The fact that they are making this accusation officially shows the degree of irritation felt by the Russians about the duplicity of the Americans. Second, this is the first time, at least to my knowledge, that Russian Spetsnaz forces had to be sent in to rescue a surrounded Russian subunit. All Spetsnaz operators survived, but three of them were wounded in the operation (the Russians are not saying how badly). The close air support by very low flying SU-25 aircraft was obviously coordinated by Spetsnaz forward air controllers and probably saved the day. In other words, this was a close call and things could have ended much more badly (just imagine what the Takfiri crazies would have done, on video, to any captured Russian serviceman!). Finally, a US-organized attack on what was supposed to be a “de-confliction” zone combined with an attempt to capture Russian soldiers raises the bar for American duplicity to a totally new level.

Leaving aside questions like, “Why are we concerned about Syria at all?” and “Why do we support the same terrorists there who actively attack us here?”, I’ll just remind that Russia has 7,000 nuclear weapons – an arsenal to make Rocket Man’s missiles look like Roman Candle toys.

Could it be the real issues, stupid? Might the foolishness on television take a backseat to actual, deadly reality? We may find out. But – and this post is a rambler’ – we have confirmed the stupidity part. Aside from spending six hours staring at a glowing box of nonsense while shoveling in 6,000 calories each day, American’s can’t even answer the simplest of questions anymore: 75% of polled adults cannot name all three branches of government.


Henry Makow.

“Football, television, and … Trump?”

Close enough!

Or does close only count for “protests” and Spetsnaz hand grenades?