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In “America” this weekend President Trump entered into a war of words with the overweight, illiterate, felonious millionaire class. (The pink comes next month). More proof his base is abandoning him came today as millions of semi-conscious cucks ignored Trump’s admonitions and drunkenly starred at an amp-up spectacle of degeneracy on Plato’s Electric Cave™.

More serious doings were afoot in the Deutschland, as a seemingly suicidal electorate choose yet another term of the globalist thaumaturge Angela Merkel. The good news (if any) is the pole-vaulting national entry of the AfD.

And this process is really just getting started. As Americans are slowly but surely turning off the hissy ft antics of athletes, owners, and advertisers who hate them, so Germans (all Western Europeans) are slowly coming around to the massive transformation of their land and their culture. Just a few more rapes, murders, arsons, elderly home displacements, bombings, and Christmas market drive-thrus should do it. 2021 will come.


Glückwünsche, dreckige hexe. Daily Mail.

People, even the blindest and deafest, begin to understand what’s going on. Even back in America.

Back here, this weekend, another deranged lunatic walked into another church and opened fire on Christians. (And, yes, once again the bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good buy with a gun). Nikki Haley concernedly called from New York, offering to take a break from her new job of steering the U.S. into dual nuclear wars and ban some Confederate flags or something. She rested easy, assured that this shooter was a black man from Sudan. Her parting words on the phone were “memory hole!”

Maybe. Maybe not this time. Maybe someone will wake up.

But, for now, back to kneeling before the electric altar of advertising for some exciting kneeling. Take a knee!