Donald Jeffries speculates that the Trump phenomenon may well be over – if it was ever real to begin with.

At this point, the only question I have left in my mind is whether or not Trump ever had any sincerity, or whether he ever meant anything he said during his campaign. I think it’s virtually a certainty that we will never see that vaccine-autism commission, an audit of the fed, a massive infrastructure rebuild, an end to DACA or any other aspect of our mindless immigration policy, an end to our reckless foreign adventurism, or a draining of even the shallowest part of the swamp.

The saddest part of the Trump phenomenon is that it may very well make it impossible for any major candidate to ever raise the important issues of immigration, dishonest media, putting America first, or official corruption ever again. In fact, when some candidate even alludes to some of Trump’s populist themes, he or she is likely to be met with derisive comparisons to the failed and disgraced President Donald Trump.

If Trump was ever sincere, his election has proven that one person simply cannot fight this corrupt system, this horrid swamp. Trump the reformer, the unlikeliest of knights in shining armor, is gone. The renegade billionaire striking fear into the heart of the establishment lasted a brief shining moment, like Camelot.

Some regs have been cut and a few nice speeches given. What else?

Hillary? Still on this side of the prison wall.

Wall? Where? When? Who’s paying?

The immigrant invasion? DACA = Amnesty on steroids.

Tax reform? DOA. Maybe a few breaks or a “rebate” or something.

Obamacare? Hahahaha…

Auditing the Fed? Uh, no…

Reigning in the debt? No, it’s raining debt.

Federal spending? To the moon.

Moon program? So 1960’s.

Neocons running the show. Check, check, and check.

War and foreign meddling? Yuuuge!

Infrastructure? Crumbles and ages.

Second official look at Tower 7? Don’t be crazy.

America first? Well, Washington firstest. New York firstier.

Trump has lived up to his pledge to be the Tweetingest President ever – likely to suffer no rival for decades to comes (assuming we have those).

As Jeffries notes it was a nice thought – the outsider shaking it up and all. Dwindling possibility it could still happen. The next three years will shed more light (or darkness) on the subject. I’ll be back for the next Great Quadrennial Black Mass with more assessments no-one will care to read or understand.

Happy first Full day of autumn!