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Gary North, architect of the Ron Paul Curriculum (K-12) asks: Why Is There No Free Online Catholic Education?

It certainly makes sense to ask. The traditional schools slowly close due to this and that reason yet millions of families still favor the religious education over the government schoolhouse alternative.

North sees a possible inter-denominational bidding war for the attention/enrollment of young Christian scholars. It could all start Catholic:

What about the Southern Baptists? If they thought the Catholics were going to do this, there would be a bunch of Southern Baptists who would give it a shot. It would appall them that the Catholics would do it without a challenge from Southern Baptists.

October 31 is the 500th anniversary of Luther’s nailing of the 95 theses on the door of the Wittenberg church. If Missouri Synod Lutherans thought the Catholics were about to offer a free online K-12 curriculum, they would organize to match them, course for course.

Presbyterians are the scholars of the Protestant world. If conservative Presbyterians thought that the Catholics were going to do this, they would form a study committee in each Presbyterian splinter denomination. Within five years, there would be a decision to start a curriculum by reach group. Within less than a decade from this decision — though not much less — there would be at least five Presbyterian curriculums online.

Then the Dutch would match them. The Dutch would not tolerate American Presbyterians horning in on Calvinist private schools run by school boards dominated by parents.

Then “word of faith” cable-TV Pentecostal pastors would see a profit opportunity: Holy Ghost-directed education. They would organize online programs. Their ministries would own the programs.

What we need is interdenominational competition. We need denominationally committed Christians who will not tolerate any of those other denominations getting away with this. Obviously, they’re not willing to fight the public schools. They are all perfectly willing to let the public schools steal their kids’ minds. This has been true in the United States ever since the 1840’s. But the thought that the Roman Catholics were going to do this would outrage Protestants.

Therefore, I call on some mother superior to leave a legacy behind. I call on some Catholic bishop to get his act together, educationally speaking. Get that free online curriculum up and running! Show those Protestants a thing or two!

If 20 million families then pulled their kids out of tax-funded schools, maybe a majority of voters would start voting “no” on school bond ballot propositions. Would that be so bad?

A very interesting idea and concept. More than rebuilding American education, this might just help the churches save themselves – from themselves.

BTW, if you and your kids are tired on the local K-12 experience, consider the RPC.



Thanks and thanks again, Dr. North.