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Venezuela and her people aren’t doing too well at the moment. President Trump suggested he might be able to “help.” Said “help” may be unwanted.

After months of attacking Venezuela’s unpopular President Nicolas Maduro, Latin America came out strongly against U.S. threats of military action against the crisis-hit nation.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s surprise comments on Friday may bring the beleaguered Maduro some respite in the region, just as Venezuela was on verge of becoming a pariah over its recent installation of a legislative superbody, widely condemned as a power grab by the ruling Socialists.

Following Trump’s assertion that military intervention in Venezuela was an option, Maduro’s critics are caught between backing the idea of a foreign invasion of Venezuela or supporting a president they call a dictator.

Wars and near wars in and with: Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, North Korea, etc. What’s one more? It’s madness, that’s what.


A problem? Yes. Our problem? No. Reuters.