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Unless you just emerged from a deep hole somewhere, then you likely know something about the unhinging of America as seen in Charlottesville, VA this weekend.


Daily Mail.

There’s plenty of commentary out there – some honest, some less so. Here are just a few observations, some in general and some directed at various groups:

1. Stay away from events like this unless you are with the police/EMTs or just incredibly stupid. They are dangerous and largely pointless.

2. There are going to be more of them. They will grow increasingly worse, rising (descending) from “riots” into “battles.”

3. This is that beloved diversity in action. This is the outcome of 50 years of globalist takeover in America. Congratulations, this is what you’ve done. Ram enough incompatible people into close proximity and all hell will eventually break loose. This is what you get when you sufficiently demonize the majority population and they decide to fight back.

4. In a sense, for the first time in 50 years, this was a race riot featuring white people in roles other than those of fleeing victims. Maybe you didn’t specifically ask for it. Really doesn’t matter now.

5. I said it was a bad idea to attack all things Confederate. This one originally cranked up in response to an assault on the image of one of the greatest military minds and most honest gentlemen in American history, Robert E. Lee.

6. Perhaps hundreds of assault rifles were carried in force and not one single shot was fired. Restraint amid the madness.

7. Whichever side you’re on, please remember that the police are not your friends. They’re there to enforce the local establishment’s laws and wishes. They will happily steer two warring factions towards conflict if it helps them keep a modicum of control.

8. Communists, BLMers, and SJWs: Cars can be deadly weapons. If you attack someone in a muscle car, you might expect to get run over. Actions have consequences, snowflakes. Stop attacking and hating white people and they just might not show up by the thousands with torches and ARs. Idiots.

9. Alt-Right and Nationalists: lose the Nazi and KKK sh!t. You don’t need this level of extremism to trigger the SJWs; seems any and everything does that. No one likes the Nazi crap. It’s counter-productive. It enforces your enemies’ stereotypes of you. It’s all completely irrelevant and woefully out of date. It’s Un-American. And was all originally based on a fraud anyway; are you yourself a 1930’s German worker and socialist? No, then cool it. Hitler was a fool. Leave him in the bunker.

10. On a partially related note: some have spent the better part of a year calling Donald Trump “Hitler,” “Literally Hitler,” and “a Nazi.” Why now???, how???, how could you possibly expect your “Literal Hitler” to start condemning Nazis??? No sense whatsoever.

11. Politicians: shut the hell up. This is your mess. Blame no one but yourselves.

12. Globalists: go to hell. Go now. Do not pass go.

13. Mr. Jefferson: please pardon the mess. Seems you were right about watering the tree.

14. I don’t think these trends will reverse. The old America is on the path to civil war or a breakup. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Prepare as best you can.

15. There is no point 15. I just added this so some moron won’t call this Perrin’s 14 points. See No. 9, above.

Not a pretty weekend but it was entirely predictable. It should be patently obvious to everyone outside the Federal Reserve, the war party, and the MIC that we no longer need boogeymen and foreigners to fight. There’s plenty of trouble at home.

God Bless America. What’s left.