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Vox asked for reader reviews of Castalia’s new release, The LawDog Files, by LawDog. I volunteered and My God! I’m glad I did. My Amazon review:

LawDog leads the reader on a fantastic and hilarious journey through human psychology, the realities of rural Texas, and the ups and downs of LEO life.

Going into the book I was uncertain what to expect. I don’t think I’d every heard of the author before (my shame). He’s much more than a Sheriff’s Deputy – a humorist of great eloquence and adroitness. Think of stories by Jerry Clower, Ray Stephens, Andy Griffith, maybe Fred Reed; then, think about small town policing. That’s the nature of The Files.

I’ve been in Texas a few times but never trekked into Bugscuffle. It’s the kind of sleepy little town where the darndest things happen, only to be publicly forgotten and thereafter only retold by old men (in boring fashion). Except that, here, LawDog captures the essence of the area, its people, and the demands of law enforcement, melding them out of keen memory and superb wit.

You’ll love this book if: you have ever worked in or around law enforcement; you’re from Texas, the South, or anywhere rural; you fondly remember the “good old days” from a past America, or; if you just like to laugh. Thrill to: an amorous armadillo, a murderous animatronic Santa Claus, a Dick Cheney-style pheasant (quail??) hunt, and perps appropriately referred to as “critters.”

The layout was easy-going (for an ebook) – a straight flow from one funny tale to the next – as well designed as written. I found one drawback, due entirely to the subject matter and exposition. My reading slowed as I “lived out” the files in my head. And that’s as fun a literary problem as one can have.

I loved it! Do yourself a favor and buy The LawDog Files today. Many thanks to LawDog for serving on the thin blue line and then, again, with the fine lines of his pen.




You’ll love it!